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Most Amazing Top 10 Scary Movies

People would often ask me, what is the most amazing top 10 scary movies in a survey and so I will tell them that the most astonishing thing in the world is that I did not know about the top 10 most frightening movies. I thought that there would be only one scary movie in the list but there were so many scary movies that are equally scary and awesome. The most amazing thing was that there are some scary movies that are based on true events or had real events in the background.

Let us start with the story called “The Red Mannequin” and that was an amazing film. It is the story of a young boy who makes prank calls to a live women so that he can have his own kids. The only problem is that he is not able to live a normal life and then he meets a girl who has made her own sweet movie and suddenly this guy starts a family and they all become very odd friends. Another one which is called “Dracula” is another interesting horror film that has a classic scene of dark hallways and blood. Then, a group of people who are tired of seeing television violence is gathered and together they meet a guy who would like to change the society in which they live. Another good horror movie is called “Poltergeist” and it is based on a true story and that made people believe that it is actually true.

I think that the best scary movie in the top ten is the one called “The Omen”. I have always loved that movie as a kid and there are many people who could also love it. So I am sure that it is one of the most amazing top 10 scary movies.

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