Facebook Announces App Center – A Home For Web, iOS, and Android Apps

Facebook continues to expand their platform, and now they’re offering a new home for apps across multiple platforms. They have officially announced App Center, which will launch in the coming weeks, and act as a new home for apps. The 900 million Facebook users will be able to view all of the apps listed in App Center whether they’re available for Facebook, iOS, or Android. Facebook has a number of free apps already, and now they’re extending their HTML5 platform to paid apps.

Every single app will have an app detail page which are like Facebook fan pages for companies. There will also be prominent listings for high quality apps which will be determined by user ratings and engagement among other things. With people using their own Facebook profiles to rate apps, there could potentially be much more personal and valuable ratings allowing for good rankings of high quality apps.

Facebook will only be allowing apps into App Center that use Facebook Login, so that’s their ultimate goal. They want every app to have Facebook Connect, and they’re trying to sell a potential wider audience for apps. App Center will work in a straightforward way allowing you to find apps more easily beginning with Facebook apps. If you find an iOS app, Facebook will take you to the App Store for that app, and the same for Google Play. App Center will also be available in the Facebook app on iOS and Android. It seems to be a pretty seamless experience, and we will see how widely it’s adopted.

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