Now You Can Make Your Own Tiny Tower Bitizen

If you haven’t been playing Tiny Tower, you’re missing out on one of the best mobile games around. It’s just so much fun, and it’s free to download and start enjoying. The game just comes with one warning; you will become hooked on the game. There are some in-app purchases to speed things along, but they definitely feel optional. Tiny Tower lets you just enjoy building a tower floor by floor, and creating a bustling ecosystem within your tower.

You add residents, and then employ those residents at the shops in your buildings. Your goal is to just keep going higher and higher collecting unique floors as you go. The residents in the game are known as bitizens, and now you can create your own bitizens thanks to Brandon Trebitowski. He’s created a photoshop tutorial and template to help you create whatever kind of bitizen you like. You can make one in your image, or create a funky character. The tutorial is as straight forward as can be, but if that’s just too much, the template lets you just edit what Brandon already made.

It’s really neat creating your own 8-bit version of yourself, like the creators Ian and Dave Marsh have done with their Twitter avatars. Check out the tutorial and .psd template, and start making your own little bitizens. Be sure to read our full review of Tiny Tower if you’re just not quite sure if you should download it. Thanks to TUAW for spotting the tutorial.

Bitizen Tutorial
Bitizen .psd template

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  1. Cardboardfun17 July 18, 2011 at 2:41 AM -

    Super sweet. Thanks for sharing 🙂