Zynga Partners With Developers To Diversify Their Mobile Games

Zynga held their own event this morning, Zynga Unleashed, and they announced their plans for the rest of the year. They still have a heavy focus on social Facebook games, but are making an ever greater push into mobile. At the event, they announced a new platform entitled Zynga Partners, which will allow third party developers to make games that connect to the Zynga community. Their first batch of partners include Atari, Konami, Rebellion, Majesco, 50 Cubes, Sava, and Phosphor Games.

The Zynga Partners program looks to be taking their social connectivity to more traditional gaming companies, and could allow them to diversify their gaming catalog beyond the typical Farmville style games. To show off the potential of Partners, Phosphor Games, makers of Dark Meadow, showed of the upcoming game Horn, which looks to be a combat game reminiscent of Infinity Blade & Dark Meadow. Zynga also showed Rubber Tacos, Clay Jam, and Twist Pilot with all of these games probably adopting some form of freemium model, but with actual gameplay, and not just task based simulations.

Zynga also announced a brand new game released today in the App Store, Matching with Friends, which extends the Words, Hanging, and Scramble with Friends brand. The company stated that they now have 22 million daily active users on mobile, and that’s their basis of the Zynga Partners program. Zynga Partners could also let them work with third party developers without having to directly acquire them. Finally, Zynga announced two Facebook games with Farmville 2, a 3D version, and The Ville, a Sims style game.

Zynga is looking to extend their brand, and continually push social connected freemium games across every platform.

[Images via Polygon]

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