App Of The Week March 10th – 16th: Shining In The App Store

There’s a nearly limitless supply of apps to review, and so many new ones join the party on a weekly basis. We’re here to spot the best ones, and steer you clear from others. We also highlight our App of the Week, and this week’s pick is a unique action experience where you try to keep a flame lit while surviving the growing darkness.

App Of The Week:

Primal Flame – Igniting A Rarity In The App Store (4.0)

Our App of the Week section will appear every Sunday to round up our reviews, and apps of the day for the week, and highlight the very best release of the given week.

Enjoy the links to all of our reviews for this week. Reviews are our main focus at AppleNApps, and we take pride in them like nothing else. In case you missed any of our app reviews for the week, here they are in one succinct list.


Primal Flame – Igniting A Rarity In The App Store (4.0)

Flayvr – Creating Living Photo Albums Automatically (4.0)

Wave Wave – Slapping You In The Face With Challenge (4.0)

BeatBlaster – Turn Your iPad Into A Hi-Fi System (3.5)

Couch Music Player – The iPad Becomes A New Age Jukebox (3.5)

Lost Light – Adding Up To A New Puzzle Idea (3.5)

Tanuki Forest – A Zen Like Endless Flyer (3.0)

Block Legend – Battling Monsters With Matching (2.5)

Microtrip – Diving Down Into The Body (2.5)

Sherlock: Interactive Adventure – An Animated Story To Tell (2.5)

App Of The Day:

Escalation – A Quick Burst Of Finger Fun

iTunes Festival – Performances Start Today, App Updated

Wa Kingyo – Bring Your iOS Device To Life

Steller – Creating Compelling Stories With Ease

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey – Cosmic Companion

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