App Of The Week February 2nd – 8th: A Prime Time Educational App

Each week, we’re presented with a nearly overwhelming amount of apps to review. We try our best to cover the most interesting ones to let you know if they’re worth your time. Now, it’s time to round up all of our reviews, and highlight one reviewed app as our App of the Week. This week is highlighted by a intricately designed educational app that combined accessibility and depth of knowledge.

App Of The Week:

Earth Primer – Bringing Your iPad To Life (5.0)


Our App of the Week section will appear every Sunday to round up our reviews, and apps of the day for the week, and highlight the very best release of the given week.

Enjoy the links to all of our reviews for this week. Reviews are our main focus at AppleNApps, and we take pride in them like nothing else. In case you missed any of our app reviews for the week, here they are in one succinct list.


Dark Echo – Listening For A New Adventure (4.5)

Odd Bot Out – Does It Put The Right Pieces In Place? (4.5)

The Detail – Does It Piece Together The Right Details? (4.0)

BlitzKeep – Launching Into A New Adventure (3.5)

Midnight Star – Taking Aim At A New iOS Shooter (2.5)

Alfred Remote – Controlling Your Powerful Mac Butler From iOS (2.5)

App Of The Day:

Music Launcher – Playing Your Tunes Quicker And Easier

My AppProfile – Can Your Apps Describe You?

Letterspace – Taking Notes Seamlessly And Succinctly

One Player Pong – New Age Plus Old School Arcade

#Fortune – Get A Creative Daily Fortune

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