Apps Of The Week April 2nd-8th, Plus Win The Apps


We’ve officially crossed into April, and there’s still fresh experiences each and every week. Each of our top three apps this week are brand new experiences on iOS, and so enjoyable on the platform. Every Sunday, we will deliver the Apps of the Week – Editor’s Picks for the week, along with a chance to win the top three apps of the week.

Apps of the Week – Editor’s Picks

Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe – Wonderful Journey (4.5)

Saturday Morning RPG – Personality Packed Pixels (4.5)

On The Wind – A Breeze At Your Fingertip (4.0)

To enter to win, simply leave a comment below telling us which app from this week, you would like to win. You can also get bonus entries by retweeting or liking this post. You can enter through Tuesday at 11:59 PM PST, and we will announce the winners on Wednesday.

Also, congrats to our winners from last week, in case you missed them:

Windosill: Skarx
Day One: BearBonnie
Coco Lock: Leonard

Our Apps of the Week – Editor’s Picks will appear every Sunday with a chance to win the top three apps every week, so keep track on the siteTwitter, and Facebook.

Enjoy the links to all of our reviews for this week. Reviews are our main focus at AppleNApps, and we take pride in them like nothing else. In case you missed any of our app reviews for the week of April 2nd-8th, here they are in one succinct list.

Gunman Clive – Shootout At The Ol’ Sketchbook Coral (4.0)

Pac-ManGames – Speedy Versions Of The Classics (4.0)

Sky Gnomes – An Imaginative Online Racing Experience (4.0)

Adventure Bar Story – Unique Management Plus RPG (3.5)

Rinth Island – Mind Twisting 3D Tower Puzzles (3.5)

Skylanders Cloud Patrol – Smooth Shooting In The Sky (3.5)

To me By me – Writing To Your Future Self (3.5)

Universal Movie Tycoon – Building Your Own Studio (2.5)

8bit Ninja – The Fruit Goes On The Offensive (2.0)

CreaVures – As The Saying Goes, Beauty Is Only Skin Deep (2.0)

Monster Takedown – A ‘Lite’ Monster Attack (1.5)

  • ProtoEclipse

    on the wind

    • James

      Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe! I’d love to explorer the Universe.

  • Diane C.

    I’m in for Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe or On The Wind. Thanks!

  • myztero

    On the Wind looks like a fantastic game.

  • JamesZ

    My choice is On The Wind. The graphics and gameplay are top notch.

  • Zermat

    Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe


  • RobinLoo

    On the Wind :D
    Looks a great game. Love the graphics. Thanks for the review!

  • WizMan

    On the Wind
    Definitely wants to play on my iOS device!

  • Viaden

    Count me in, On the Wind looks like an interesting game.

  • technicat

    On the Wind. Very Unique

  • Tokiwai

    On the Wind. This game looks brilliant!

  • Abc apple

    On the wind..
    Wow that game is amazing!!

  • Viaden

    On the wind or Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe

  • Leonard

    On the wind!!! Cool games!!

  • Padilla

    On the wind!!! Love the graphics!


    On the wind! Thanks for the premium giveaway.

  • Panabee

    On the wind! The graphics are superb!

  • Pitto

    On the wind! I’ve heard great things about this new game.

  • Neurox

    Hope to win On The Wind. Seems fun for the whole family.

  • Zentik

    Obviously on the wind!

  • Luckystone

    On The Wind please. Looks like an awesome game!

  • Irene

    Amazing iOS game!!! Gotta win On The Wind.

  • zzzpig

    On The Wind is a great game worth having!
    Thanx for hosting the contest!

  • BearBonnie

    Hey,thanks for the previous giveaway :-)

    I’ll choose Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe in this turn.

  • GreenSoda

    On The Wind. Looks like an abstract artwork.

  • Landau

    On The Wind. Love platformers.

  • whnn

    Having taught Earth and Space Science for 35 years, Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe. Thanks.

  • David

    ~ On the winnnnnnnd ~

  • Steve

    Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe. If I’m lucky enough to win please.

  • Jeroen Baker

    On The Wind. I really want to play it!

  • Sherry

    On The Wind. would so love this. Thanks for the chance.


    On The Wind. The graphics really stand out !

  • Harrison.C

    On The Wind is a beautiful game to play and relax,I want it so badly.

  • MrTax2005

    Wow,On the Wind please.
    The graphics are GORGEOUS!

  • agleung

    Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe is my pick this week. Thanks for nice write up.

  • Trevor Sheridan

    Thanks for all of the entires, and congrats to our winners:

    Wonders of the Universe: Viaden
    On the Wind: Pitto
    SMRPG: Everyone can try for free