Apps Of The Week September 10th-16th, Plus Win The Apps


This week was all about the iPhone 5, but there were still some app reviews amongst all of the news. We’re giving you a chance to win the best apps that were released this week in our App of the Week – Editor’s Pick.

App of the Week – Editor’s Picks

Fieldrunners 2 HD – The Masterpiece Comes To The iPad (5.0)

To enter to win, simply leave a comment below for a chance to win. You can also get bonus entries by retweeting or liking this post. You can enter through Friday at 11:59 PM PST, and we will announce the winners next Sunday.

Also, congrats to our winner from last week:

Bastion: Guise

Our Apps of the Week – Editor’s Picks will appear every Sunday with a chance to win the top three apps every week, so keep track on the siteTwitter, and Facebook.

Enjoy the links to all of our reviews for this week. Reviews are our main focus at AppleNApps, and we take pride in them like nothing else. In case you missed any of our app reviews for the week of September 10th-16th, here they are in one succinct list.

Wonderputt – A Miniature Golfing Adventure (4.0)

Etchings – Turning Your Photo Into Hand Drawn Artwork (3.5)

NFL Kicker 13 – Can You Make The Kick, Again? (3.5)

AmazonLocal – All New Daily Deals

Cell Phone Coverage Map By RootMetrics

Google Releases YouTube App Store App

Have Fun With SpinArt For Free

  • Iosquattro

    Thank you for the opportunity! Really have been loving your site and your podcasts every week! Keep up the good work! RTed as @iosquattro

  • Zermat

    Fieldrunners 2: Great game!! 😀

  • Thunder

    Each time I want to buy an app, I must go to AppleNApps and watch the review first. Keep going AppleNApps. Always support you!

  • aldwin

    fieldrunners 2 hd

  • LazyBones

    Big Big Love! Thanks for the chance.

  • Rock

    I always wanted this game for various reasons. To win this would be an absolute treat.

  • Rubby

    It is such an addictive and fun game. I can’t believe they have a sequel!

  • Gabrien

    The best tower defense game ever! Would like to win the iPad version 🙂

  • Tomboi

    The best TD game ever!

  • Jeremy

    Loved the first version, so addictive.

  • Mithrandir

    Wow, I really love everything you do, from your reviews to those awesome give aways. Really, huge thanks to Trevor Sheridan. And keep up the good work !

  • Fieldrunners 2!

  • brerlappin

    Fingers crossed! RT’d @brerlappin

  • Saraiva

    Fieldrunners 2 HD and Apple’n’Apps FTW!

  • Mark anthony carreon

    Yehey field runners!

  • Ibrahim

    Great game!!

  • JR

    What a sequel! Fantastic!!!

  • Mtillawi

    Thanks a lot

  • Victor Evans

    Own it for the iPhone, would live to own it for the iPad as well…good luck everyone!

  • Pls Pls give, me, i want to be a field runner always !!! pls …Happy FR2 Day !

  • Lorena

    !! Its totally awesome!

  • luckystone

    I’m sure the sequel will be even better! Thanks.

  • Wreckhammer

    Fieldrunners 2

  • BetaMaster

    Count me in! That’s a great game. I heared about it.

  • Zentik

    Best TD game on the iPad ever!!!

  • Royce

    Looks stunning and seems to play very well.

  • Cliff

    Awesome design!!

  • Ooh — I’d love to win this! I’ve had the app in my sights ever since it was announced!

  • Xerox

    This is really quite excellent.

  • Technicat

    It seems like the most interesting game for me, can’t wait.

  • WizMan

    probably one of the best TD game on ios.

  • Ayjona

    This looks pretty awesome to me.

  • Eddie

    This is a great game! Good job! Good Review!

  • Lotus

    Very colorful, vibrant and polished.

  • Skarx

    Great! This is easily becoming a classic iPad game. I’d love to win a copy.

  • BearBonnie

    Yes! That’s the game I always wanted to play on iOS!

  • Trevor Sheridan

    Congrats to our winner:



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