App Of The Day: Evernote Scannable – Scanning Like Never Before

Evernote ScannableFreeThere are a ton of scanner apps in the App Store that use your iOS device’s camera to capture various documents in high quality. Now, Evernote has their own Scanner to add to the bunch, and offers a similar feature set. The highlight of Evernote Scannable is that the scanner automatically captures any paper it sees, rather than requiring you to snap a photo when you line up the camera with the paper. Evernote Scannable does an excellent job of recognizing various papers, and then automatically rotates, crops, and adjusts images for high readability.
After using numerous scanner apps, none seem to be as easy as Evernote Scannable to making scanning quick, and effortless since the app does all of the work. You can scan multiple papers into one file to then easily save to Evernote, iCloud Drive, or other cloud service, or share via email or text. There’s also a special function for business cards to turn them instantly into contacts with LinkedIn connectivity. Evernote Scannable also works with Post-it Notes, whiteboards, receipts, and really any text based item you point it at. It’s a great way to keep track of the paper that comes your way, and helps you clear your desk of stacks of paper. The Evernote back-up is obviously valuable, and the connectivity to other sources is a nice addition.

Evernote Scannable (Free, Universal) just may be the best scanner app in the App Store that is well worth picking up whether you use Evernote, or not.

Free, Universal

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