App Of The Day: Funny Or Die Weather – Funny With A Chance Of Weather

Funny Or Die Weather. Real Weather, Real FunnyFreeFunny Or Die is a popular destination on the web with numerous amusing video bits. Now, they have extended their humor to the weather. You wouldn’t think that the weather is all that funny, but the all new Funny Or Die Weather app would disagree. There are tons of weather apps out there with most presenting the same information. Funny Or Die Weather changes it up by giving you jokes with your daily weather.
Each joke included is a witty one linr with some tie to weather, and each one will likely make you smile. There’s only one joke per day, but there’s a different joke for each city you track within the app. Sometimes the jokes are tied to current conditions, and other times they’re off the wall. You expect jokes in Funny Or Die Weather, but you probably don’t expect a polished weather app too. Funny Or Die Weather sources from Weather Underground to present current conditions, hourly forecast, five day forecast, weather stats, and more. All of the info is presented with a minimalistic design that uses iOS 7 style blurred colors based on the current conditions, mixed with imagery of the weather. The jokes are the highlight, but the weather app can stand alone as a quality utility.

Funny Or Die Weather (Free, iPhone) delivers a unique take on the weather that nails both humor, and weather info.

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