App Of The Day: Handle – Getting A Handle On Your Busy Life

Handle: To-Dos + Email + CalendarFreeIf you’re having a tough time managing your busy life, your iPhone can come in handy with the right apps. Handle is a new utility to help you get a handle on your busy life like no app before it. The app combines your e-mail inbox, to-do list, and calendar in one allowing you to seamlessly transition between all three. Rather than using three apps, and copying information between them, you can now have all that information together. You simply swipe to move between each list, but even better is the fact that each list can interact with one another through swipe gestures.
Handle revolves around the to-do timeline, which integrates your calendar, actionable e-mails, and existing to-dos into one list, sorted by time. One of the main highlights of Handle is actionable e-mails, that work like Mailbox, but with greater functionality. You can swipe any e-mail to the right to create a to-do, or calendar event from that message. Rather than leaving your e-mails in your inbox, you can set up reminders based on time, specific intervals, or locations. As you start to assign e-mails, your to-do timeline will fill in, and then later reminders have more context to be fitted into, in addition to fitting around your calendar. It’s great to stay on top of important e-mails with a specific list of what actions you need to take, and you can group the to-dos into specific projects as well.

Handle (Free, Universal) is a highly functional utility to help you stay on top of what you need to do like no other app in the App Store.

Free, Universal

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