App Of The Day: Lost Maze vs. Ruins Ahead – Twist & Shout

Over the past two weeks, two interesting smaller titles have been released that are surprisingly similar. Last week, Ruins Ahead came out delivering an endless challenge with a pathway that stretches across the screen, and you need to swipe to rotate the entire pathway. You tap for your character to hop forward until you reach an obstacle, and then position the pathway so your character can hop some more. Lost Maze came out this week with a pathway that stretches across the screen, but with specific areas of the path to rotate in actual levels. Both of the games are well executed, so it doesn’t seem either knew that the other existed, allowing for two potential new games to add to your collection.
Ruins Ahead is for fans of the endless genre with a quicker action set-up as the pathway crumbles behind you. It’s a relatively fun challenge as you need to figure out the proper rotation of the path with limited time to think. There are various obstacles including spikes, arrows, and simply the orientation of the shifting pathway. It’s a bit odd that you have to tap to move, rather than your character running automatically. Lost Maze offers specific levels to figure out, and it’s a much more methodical puzzle based challenge. You can tap for your character to freeze, allowing you to focus on the proper rotation. There are specific belts to rotate, and you not only want to get your character to the finish, but also collect three stars along the way. Ruins Ahead lets you play as much as you want, but with the endless set-up, while Lost Maze has an energy meter to restrict your progression through the levels. You can watch an ad to fill your energy meter in Lost Maze. Also, both games include unlockable characters.

Lost Maze (Free, Universal) and Ruins Ahead (Free, Universal) deliver a single similar mechanic that builds into two different and compelling challenges that are both worth checking out.

Lost Maze (Free)

Ruins Ahead (Free)

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