App Of The Day: Satellina Zero – Touching A New Arcade Flow

Satellina ZeroFreeSatellina launched at the beginning of 2015 to deliver an action packed puzzle game that was all about weaving your finger through moving colored dots. It’s still a great experience today if you missed it early last year, and now there’s a new sequel. Satellina Zero maintains the idea of dragging your finger through colored dots, but focuses more on quicker arcade action with less puzzle elements. Satellina required you to recognize the patterns of the moving dots across 75 levels, and collect the dots in the proper order of the three distinguished colors. Satellina Zero emphasizes more of a continuous challenge as the dots flow downwards in one of two colors.
satellina - 2
Satellina Zero is familiar, yet fresh as you only drag on the bottom portion of the screen, and you need to tap to change the dots between empty and full. You can only collect the dots if they’re full, so Zero is more about tapping on different parts of the bottom of the screen to jump your cursor to that point, rather than dragging to that point. It’s a new challenge that can definitely be tougher at times as the speed ramps up, and the flow of the dots varies. The original Satellina really emphasized flow as you were almost performing brush strokes with your fingertip. Zero requires more truncated movement, but at a faster pace that simply isn’t as enjoyable. Zero isn’t bad, it’s just not as good as the original. You are given endless levels with certain score plateaus unlocking new levels with increased difficulty.

Satellina Zero (Free, Universal) delivers a touch based arcade challenge that is a diversion from the original, but still good in its own right. Zero is also free to play with ads appearing after every few rounds.

Free, Universal

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