App Of The Day: Shelfie – Digitizing Your Book Shelf

Shelfie by BitLitFreeBooks can send you to all new worlds, and it’s time for an all new world for books. Shelfie is an app that lets you turn your hardback books into digital resources. The app starts by letting you take a picture of your book shelf, a shelfie, rather than a selfie. Once captured, the app analyzes the book spines to catalog what books you own. It takes a bit depending on how many books, the lighting, and if there’s anything else on the shelf. Once the app processes the books, you can approve if there’s a match, or enter in the title manually. In my test, the app was about 90% accurate.
shelfie - 2
The highlight of Shelfie is what the app does once it catalogs what you own. Shelfie lets you know which of your books are available as eBooks or audiobooks. Some of the eBooks and audiobooks are free, others have a discounted price. All you need to do is provide an image of your signature on the copyright page as proof of ownership. A lot fewer books showed as eBooks and audiobooks for me than actually matched, and all of them cost at minimum $3.99. Even if you don’t turn your library into eBooks and audiobooks, you do have a digital list of your library. Also, the app provides recommendations based on the books you own, and connects you with friends allowing you to see their libraries.

Shelfie (Free, iPhone) delivers a promising idea that could use more free versions of stuff you own, but it’s still worth checking out.

Free, iPhone

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