App Of The Day: Storm by Weather Underground – In-Depth Storm Tracking

Storm by Weather Underground – Radar, Storm Tracking, Lightning & Precipitation AlertsFreeThe weather is constantly changing, so even if you have a go to weather app, you could always use a new one to better inform you of the changing conditions. Storm by Weather Underground is a new deluxe weather app from Weather Underground that builds upon the company’s standard app to deliver a more in-depth look at storm tracking. The Storm app is jam packed with features to give you every bit of weather information you could think of to help you track an incoming storm. Most of the app revolves around the map view to give you a real world view of how any storm will impact you.
The app begins by giving you a real time sweeping radar, which is claimed to be the highest resolution radar around, and I’m not going to argue. The radar looks so smooth in motion, and also gives you the option to view animations from the past, present, and future to truly see a storm’s flow. Storm also features a wind animation system for both surface and jetstream patterns indicated with flowing directional arrows that are colored based on wind strength. It’s great to see the wind patterns in motion, and the wind is just one layer that you can add to the map with seven different layers, and seven additional overlays to choose from. Storm also includes a detailed forecast panel with both an hourly, and ten day forecast complete with graphs to track changing precipitation, temperature, wind, and more. To round out the package, Storm presents advanced statistical storm tracking information that is used in part to send you push notifications of storm warnings.

Storm by Weather Underground (Free, Universal) may be the most deluxe weather offering around to give you everything you could want in regards to the weather. The app does include a $1.99 yearly subscription in-app purchase to remove ads.

Free, Universal

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    Love this app