App Of The Day: Timeglass – Keeping Track Of Time

Timeglass - Workout & kitchen timer - Set multiple stopwatch & countdown timersFreeTime is always ticking, and there are a number of things we do based on specific time intervals. Timeglass is a new timer app that is designed to make it easy to keep track of multiple timers. The main emphasis is to allow you to have multiple timers running side by side, as well as having multiple steps. For example, you could have a timer to track your exercise routine, and a timer to track what you’re cooking, running simultaneously. Your exercise timer could also have multiple steps to stretch for five minutes, jog for ten minutes, do sit-ups for five minutes, and be altered at each step.
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Timeglass is as powerful as any timer app in the App Store, and still provides a minimalistic design. It’s easy to create a new timer, as well as track the timer you currently have active. Once timers are set, you can have the app speak the next step, so you don’t have to look at your device to move on. You can fully customize a multi-step timer, or just choose the two tap option to activate a simple countdown, or stopwatch. There are multiple color coordinated themes as well as distinct timer tones to choose from.

Timeglass (Free, iPhone) is a valuable utility to help you keep track of the ticking clock.

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