App Of The Day: Ussie – Taking Selfies To The Next Level

UssieSelfie has become so popular, that it’s actually recognized in the dictionary. The iPhone has helped spur on the growing trend, and there are tons of apps to help you capture, and share various types of Selfies. Ussie is a camera app that lets you use both the front, and rear facing cameras to create a split screen composition. The apps lets you capture the view of where you are, and then yourself, and have it all in one image. You can also capture two images with the rear camera, or two front facing images, and continue to flip between the two for the top, or bottom photo.
There’s quite a bit of creative potential with Ussie, as it gives you the power to merge two photos together, that can form different perspectives. It also takes Selfies up a notch by not only showing yourself, but also a view of where you are. Once you have two images you’re satisfied with, you can then apply over 20 different filters, and add text with 25 different font types to choose from.It all adds up to make some unique creations that you’ll want to share, and keep composing. The app works in both portrait, and landscape mode to let you try out different dual photo masterpieces. It’s also effortless to use the app with a single capture button at the center of the screen, with camera flip in the upper right, and the ability to tap on a photo to retake it.

Ussie (Free, iPhone) lets you take all new photo types for a creative new utility to add to your collection.

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