App Of The Day: ActionShot – Capture Amazing Sequences

ActionShotThe iPhone camera keeps getting more powerful hardware, but it’s the software that can truly make it shine. ActionShot is the newest camera utility that allows you to enable burst mode for action sequences. Once you get the burst of pictures, you can then edit them together for one ActionShot showing the entire sequence in one photo. The action sequences look amazing, and the best part is that it’s so easy to craft the single image.

You begin by thinking about your action sequence, and then tap one button to begin the burst mode right when the action begins. You can choose how many frames you want, and how fast they’re shoot, and you need to have a stable shooting area. Once the pictures are taken, you then simply draw over the subject in each shot, and then the app generates the sequence. You need to make sure that the action flows across the screen so the subject isn’t overlaid on top of itself in the final image. Once you’re done, you have an image that you’ll definitely want to share.

ActionShot (Free, iPhone) is a powerful piece of software that is extremely enjoyable to use, and the results are definitely worth it. The app does require you to think out your shots, and be ready to shoot since you can’t import existing images of grab frames from a five second video. The app isn’t without its faults, but it’s a great addition to your iPhone, that you will no doubt get a lot enjoyment and results out of.

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