App Of The Day: Auctioneer – Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!

AuctioneerFreeAuctions move quick, and you need to be fast to get in the proper bid. Auctioneer is a new iOS game that lets you run an auction house in an attempt to sell items for as much as possible. A few bids pop up in the audience, and your goal is to pick the highest bid. The game is an endless high score challenge in which you need to find the highest bid in each round with a timer constantly clicking down. As the bid amounts increase, so do the number of bids to make it that much tougher to spot the highest bid in the time limit.
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Auctioneer delivers a simple and familiar game style, and yet it feels fresh with the theme. It’s easy to keep trying to better your score because it all comes down to identifying the biggest number in the groups of bids. The timer aspect makes it feel like an auction as you need to find that highest amount quick. It can be tough to go over all of the numbers, especially when you get in the thousands, and the numbers pop up from all over the audience. As you continue to sell items, you will work your way to unlocking new auction houses, though they just change the setting. The auctioneer does speak as you’re playing, but uses the same couple of phrases rather than responding to the numbers. It’s not the most complex game, and the gameplay does become repetitive fairly quickly, but it’s a fresh burst of fun for free.

Auctioneer (Free, Universal) is an entertaining fast paced challenge that is worth picking up.

Free, Universal

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