App Of The Day: Bejeweled Finally Comes To The iPad

Bejeweled HDTo Say PopCap takes their sweet time in releasing new iOS games would be a severe understatement. They have arguably the best catalog of casual games with Bejeweled, Zuma, Peggle, Chuzzle, Bookworm, and Plants vs. Zombies. They have all made very slow transitions over to iOS, but at least they have come. Supporting the latest features and resolutions has taken quite a bit longer. Still though, it’s always great to see any of the classic PopCap games come to iOS in any form, and now Bejeweled finally comes to the iPad as Bejeweled HD.

Bejeweled first launched for the iPhone back in 2008 with the launch of the App Store, but was completely redone and replaced in December of last year. Bejeweled Blitz did launch as a universal app for iPad owners to experience the fast paced version. Now though, the full game of Bejeweled is on the iPad, and with it comes classic, diamond mine, butterfly, and zen modes. The original match three game with the same great jewel switching gameplay has withstood the test of time, and is a great addition to the iPad.

The touch controls to swap jewels are silky smooth, and the jewels truly sparkle with retina graphics for the new iPad. The game modes aren’t new, but are still plenty engaging. The dig mode is a fast paced version where you need to make specific matches by the dirt, and the butterfly mode requires matching particular gems before the spider gets them. The only real drawback is that Bejeweled 3 still hasn’t made its way to iOS.

Bejeweled HD ($3.99, iPad) is still a great addition to the iPad as a native app that takes advantage of the screen, and will provide hours of gem switching enjoyment.

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