App Of The Day: Buddy Bones – Play Dominoes With Friends

Buddy BonesTurn based games are extremely popular on the App Store, and it seems to be a growing genre applying to multiple game types. Words with Friends popularized the trend, and now you see it with fighting, racing, pictionary, strategy, and now dominoes. Buddy Bones is like Words with Friends, but you’re playing dominoes, or bones. You can begin a game with someone you know or a random opponent, and start placing your bones across the board.

Your goal is to place all of your bones before your opponent, and you can score points along the way by creating multiples of five on the ends of the current dominos. Once all the bones are placed you earn points based on opponents pips (numbers on dominos) remaining, so you want to play your higher dominos first. Chat and stats are also built-in, as you would expect, to build upon the base dominoes gameplay. Buddy Bones makes it easy to learn if you’re new, and provides plenty of challenge if your a bones veteran. The game does lack simple connections to Facebook and Twitter to make it easier to connect to friends. Also, the graphics aren’t retina quality on the iPhone/iPod touch which is disappointing for 2012.

Buddy Bones ($0.99, iPhone) is a new twist on dominos and turn based games that is a nice addition to your collection.

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