App Of The Day: Calculator Infinity – A Graphing Calculator App

Calculator?Your iOS device has so many different capabilities simply because of that little App Store icon. You can change what the device can do with just a few taps and downloads, and its capabilities can replace dedicated devices like GPS units, point & shoot cameras, and even computers for some. Graphing calculators, like the TI-84, cost a pretty penny, but now that functionality too can be possible on an iOS device. Calculator Infinity provides all the power of a graphing calculator right on your iOS device including solving complex equations, graphing equations, and having all of the various functions available as various keys.

The app comes with a basic calculator to begin with, but you can slide to the right to unveil much more complex equations, and even press the shift button to see even more. You can insert Sin, Cos, Tan, ArcSin, ArcCos, Log, X!, ^, integrals, and differential equations, all with a very simple interface. The complexity of equations that include parenthesis, exponents, and variables are all just taps away. You can graph and plot your equations too. The app also includes a unit converter as an added bonus.

Calculator Infinity (Free, Universal) is free for a limited time, and offers up amazing value by providing a full scientific calculator with a great touch interface on the device you already carry with you.

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