App Of The Day: Carmageddon – Classic Destruction Racer, Free

CarmageddonCarmageddon is a gaming classic that was released for PC & Mac back in 1997, and though it sold two million copies, Carmageddon was banned for the sheer violence. It’s a destruction racer where you drive around running over pedestrians and cows while also dealing with and trying to dispose of enemy racers. The game delivers over the top action with an open world design allowing you to drive wherever you want, though there are distinct checkpoints to aim for.

There are 11 different environments, 36 levels, and three ways to win each race. You can destroy all of your opponents, crush every pedestrian, or simply win the regular three lap race though the first two options are much more enjoyable. All of the action has comedic overtones with over the top blood and guts, wacky explosions, car flips, and enemy collisions. The entire game is simply outstanding to this date, and it has been enhanced for iOS with retina graphics, the ability to create & save replays, swipe in the map and replays, connect to Game Center, and sync with iCloud.

Carmageddon (Free, Universal) is free today on launch day, and it’s jam packed with enjoyment and action not to be missed.

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