App Of The Day: Catculator – Adding Fun And Cats To Calculations

Are you tied of those boring and bland calculators with just plain old numbers? Then Catculator is for you, as you get a cat as the background for your basic calculator. The app is definitely geared more towards children, as it might make calculations a little more enjoyable. A cat stares back at you as you enter any numbers, and it meows and blinks its eyes from time to time. The app is laid out with the cat hanging in a tree, and the number pad on the cat’s stomach.

You can use the calculator like any other, or you can pet the cat or shake the device to see extra interactions. Catculator has a great art style, and the app also includes sound effects with meows, purrs, and tweets. Speaking of tweet, you can tweet your calculations to your Twitter account, for no other reason that you have the ability to do so. This isn’t a scientific calculator, and has one very simple objective, but is still appealing. The calculator doesn’t even provide the extra options seen in the stock calculator, when you turn it to landscape mode.

Catculator ($0.99, Universal) isn’t for everyone, but if you like cats and/or have kids it’s a neat calculator alternative. It would be nice to see a few more calculation options, and maybe a couple of other cat skins.

One Comment on "App Of The Day: Catculator – Adding Fun And Cats To Calculations"

  1. Lulu September 24, 2011 at 5:36 AM -

    I love this app. It is so cute and fun to play with. The “Cat” kind of looks like my cat.