App Of The Day: Comimix – Read Comic Strips On Your iOS Device

One of the best parts of the newspaper is reading the comics section, and while many parts of the news goes online, comics haven’t. There are various websites for individual comics, but there’s no way to read 20 different strips on one page or even flip through them consecutively. is the closest choice, but there’s no way to read the current day’s strips for multiple comics without navigating through 20 pages. That’s only possible in the newspaper, until I stumbled across Comimix for iPhone and iPad. The app presents over 100 different comic strips, and you can pick just the ones you’re interested in. There was renewed interest thanks to the Only The Pearls app.

The comic strips fit the iPhone or iPad screen very well, and you never have to zoom in to read the words. It’s great seeing the strips on your device, and you just have to swipe once to move between strips. Now you can read Pearls Before Swine, Brewster Rockit, Peanuts, Dilbert, Drabble, The Meaning of Lila, Candorville, Frazz, Bliss, Brevity, and so many more. The one problem with the app is that it doesn’t provide consecutive current strips so you can’t read all the new day’s strips. Everything else is great, and it’s neat to randomly scroll through all of your favorite strips. The ones included are usually within the past few months, but just not necessarily in chronological order.

Comimix is free for the iPhone, and iPad to make for a great way to read the funny papers. Hopefully the app can be updated to include daily strips, but it’s still a great reading experience as is, with the mix in mind.

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  1. Cheech March 6, 2012 at 5:09 AM -

    I use The Dark Gate Comic Slurper
    [ ] to put my favs in my RSS reader. Works great for me and they are the “dailies”.