App Of The Day: CSR Racing – Drag Street Racing

CSR RacingCSR Racing burst onto the scene as it was demoed at WWDC showing off the new Mountain Lion Game Center online multiplayer between Mac and iOS. The game was upcoming from Natural Motion at that point, but now it’s officially released, and offers up a unique iOS racing experience. Unlike traditional racing, it’s drag street car races, and the game becomes all about timing. You rev your engines to try to get a speedy start, and then tap the shift button just in time to maintain speed when shifting gears. It’s an action packed game as the races are only about 15 seconds, and you need to nail the timing within hundredths of seconds.

The highlight of the game is the amazing graphics engine with really ornate 3D car design speeding along the tracks. The lighting reflection of the cars is superb, and the overall speed and animations are top notch. The main drawback with the game is that there’s no online multiplayer, so it’s just a solo campaign racing against computer players. It’s still a very enjoyable racing experience, but there’s just the expectation of multiplayer that didn’t come. The racing itself also tells you when to shift, so it reduces the skill, and makes it just a tapping game that was already simple enough. It can tell you to shift in the tutorial, and then it should let you rely on understanding the RPM, and sounds of your car.

The game also features a freemium mechanic that seemed to be dead, but it has been resurrected. There is an energy bar, like in Eliminate, and it’s a gas tank allowing you 10 races on a full tank. When you perform all of those races, you need to wait or pay money to fill up your tank to keep racing. There’s also tons of unlockable cars and upgrades with a majority of the realistic cars only available with gold. You earn cash just fine for upgrades, but only earn one gold per level up, and cars are 30 gold and up, so you’ll need to buy gold to unlock some of the new cars.

CSR Racing (Free, Universal) is an extremely polished brand new iOS racing experience that is dragged down by the freemium model and lack of online multiplayer, which was shown off (as seen below). We only hope that CSR Racing gets updated with Game Center multiplayer once Mountain Lion is released.

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