App Of The Day: Dark Dot – An Innovative Touch Based Attack

Dark DotSometimes games come along that truly take advantage of the touch screen to change up a genre, and provide a unique experience. Dark Dot is one such game that provides drawing and shape manipulation by pinching and rotating to command an army of dots. It’s a shooter game like no other as it’s mixed with strategy combined with the unique controls. You draw the initial shape for your unit, and then you can pinch, rotate, and drag to move your dot unit around the screen.

The game is a vertical scrolling shoot ‘em up where you battle against the air elements who come at you in large numbers and with different attacks. You can gain multipliers by arranging your dots in certain shapes, and there are hearts to regain lost units. You also can earn special darkness power-ups for massive attacks when the screen is packed with enemies. The main problem is that there are only four levels, which makes it feel more like a trial than a full game. Hopefully the developers are looking to expand the Dark Dot world with either an update or a new paid full version with multiple worlds.

Dark Dot (Free, iPad) is a great game to try, and you’ll be hooked right away, and definitely be longing for more when you finish. Dark Dot offers up an innovative touch mechanic that is hopefully adopted by more iOS developers, or at the very least used more in the Dark Dot game with new levels.

One Comment on "App Of The Day: Dark Dot – An Innovative Touch Based Attack"

  1. Iuhixbb November 15, 2011 at 9:59 PM -

    You can change the shape anytime you want, just take on the right button and draw a new shape. 😀