App Of The Day: Ditty – Chatting Like Never Before On iOS

Ditty by ZyaFreeText messaging is a popular form of communication, but text sitting on a screen doesn’t offer up the most personality, emotion, or style. Ditty by Zya is an app that turns your text into a song to bring life to your text messages like never before. The app gives you over 100 songs to choose from that range from current hit songs to classical music. You simply type in a string of text, and the app combines the words to the tune to sing what you typed within the flow of the song you choose.
ditty_ - 2
The results of Ditty are extraordinary with different voices included based on the original singer. Your words are pieced together in about five seconds, and it’s a treat to hear the results. Each ditty has a 50 character limit, and you’re given animated text images as the backdrop to the song for even more stylish items to share. The app also lets you record video to intersperse in with the animated text for a lot of creative potential. It’s easy to share your creations to messages, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more to let you share especially entertaining text. Part of the enjoyment is coming up with different text strings and trying them out in the various songs included and simply laugh at what comes out. The app is free with quite a few free songs included, and most of the newer stuff is available at $0.99 each.

Ditty by Zya (Free, Universal) delivers an entertaining form of communication that is easy to recommend.

Free, Universal

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