App Of The Day: Edge of the World – Shuffle Board With Friends

Edge of the WorldShuffle board can be an enjoyable pastime, but there aren’t many choices in the App Store with most just being basic flash ports, or rudimentary games. Edge of the World is a shuffle board game that is actually worth mentioning by infusing an interesting theme that revolves around ships. Rather than sliding discs to the end of the board, you’re launching ships to the edge of the world. Like any shuffle board game, your goal is to land as close as possible to edge, without going over to maximize points. There are four point sections, and the players alternate turns trying to land all of their ships in the highest scoring zones. There’s a twist in that you can knock your opponents around, including off of the edge of the world.
The game style is begging for multiplayer, and that’s exactly what Edge of the World provides. You can choose from single player, pass and play on a single device, and online multiplayer through Game Center with either a friend, or random opponent. It’s turn based online multiplayer action revolving around ship based shuffle board, and it’s executed very well. To launch your ship, you simply drag to aim, pull back to determine the power of your shot, and then time up the release with a moving slider to straighten your shot. The game also features a few different power-ups allowing you to anchor a ship, replay a shot, and more. All of the action is also delivered through high quality 3D graphics whether it’s the individual ships, or ocean based shuffle board. You can start playing for free, and there is access to additional captains, and ship types through in-app purchases, which are completely optional.

Edge of the World (Free, Universal) can be your new go to multiplayer game by delivering some enjoyable shuffle board action on iOS.

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