App Of The Day: Figure Music Maker Comes To The iPad

figureFigure came out back in March for the iPhone, and it’s an extremely powerful music creation tool that is made for casual users. Anyone can launch the app, and make good sounding tunes in a matter of minutes. If you’re unfamiliar with the app, it’s a synth engine that provides drums, bass, and lead synth that you can play via touch. The interface was made for the iPhone with every single option controlled by tapping or dragging your finger. There are plenty of options, and all result in deluxe sounds that feel quite magical with such a smooth, and casual user friendly environment.

The app has been updated a few times since launch including the big feature of being able to save and export your creations. Now, Figure has been updated with universal support for iPad owners to get in on the beat creation. The same interface style remains, but there’s even more room to maneuver, and compose your tracks. The app is all about experimenting to make tunes that sound good to you, and anyone can fully enjoy such a powerful tool that is now available on the iPad.

Figure ($0.99, Universal) provides advanced music creation in an intuitive touch package that fits well on any iOS device you have, and the music saving and exporting take the app to the next level.

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