App Of The Day: Hunger Games: Girl On Fire – Play At The Theater

Hunger Games: Girl on FireThe Hunger Games is another book turned movie phenomenon, and there’s all kind of buzz. The first of a three part movie trilogy was finally released today, and is now showing in a theater near you. There’s a new iOS game to go along with the movie, and it comes from the makers of Canabalt. There’s a similar automatic running style, but there are two concrete levels as compared to an endless fare. You get to play as Katniss Everdeen in a prequel to the actual book/movie set in District 12 a couple of weeks before the 74th Hunger Games.

In the game, you face waves of Tracker Jacker wasps, and you simply tap on them to fire Katniss’s bow to take them down. You begin in the forest, and you can swipe to jump between the floor and treetops in an attempt to dodge the wasps. If you survive long enough, you then advance out of the forest, and closer to District 12. The game is short, sweet, and simple all for free as it’s a movie tie-in pseudo advertisement. There’s still plenty of fast paced enjoyment and challenge which is great if you’re waiting in line or sitting in the theaters before the movie begins.

Hunger Games: Girl On Fire (Free, Universal)

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