App Of The Day: iFruit – GTA V Companion App & Manual

Grand Theft Auto: iFruitToday is a major day in video games with one of the biggest releases of the year, that is really the last hurrah of the PS3 and Xbox 360 before the PS4 & Xbox One hit store shelves later this year. Grand Theft Auto V launched today, September 17th, for consoles, and there’s a new companion iOS app to enhance the console experience. The free app is Grand Theft Auto: iFruit, and it provides two functions that tie directly into GTA V. This first is Los Santos Customs, which lets you create and customize the vehicles that can be used in the game. From the comfort of your iOS device, you can add paint jobs, window tints, smoke colors, new wheels, different hoods, and spoilers. There are also customized license plate options, the usual car upgrades, and the overall ability to make your dream car, all from the app.
There’s also a virtual pet mini-game letting you care for Chop the Dog, who is the main character’s canine companion. You can pet him, feed and water him, play fetch and tug-of-war, and teach him tricks, and the better you care for Chop, the more benefit the dog provides in the game. Chop can be more helpful and responsive, find hidden items, earn credits, and perform enhanced tricks based on what’s included in the app. It’s a free bonus to increase the interaction between your new $60 game and your iOS device, and it also connects to Rockstar Games Social Club.

Grand Theft Auto V: The ManualThe iFruit app isn’t the only one from Rockstar to go with the launch of GTA 5, as there’s also the Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual app. The app offers over 100 pages covering everything from the game controls and features to detailed looks at each game activity, and neighborhoods of the game city, Los Santos. There’s also a full interactive game map to zoom in and explore. GTA V and iOS are close partners on this launch, and the only thing left would be if Rockstar could bring GTA IV to the new 64-bit A7 powered iOS devices.

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