App Of The Day: INKredible – Simply Writing On iPad

INKredibleThere are some deluxe note taking apps available for iOS like Notability, which offers hand writing, typing, PDF annotation, image inserting, and audio recording all included within one notebook page. Notes Plus is a similar app, but sometimes you don’t need all of those extra features. The makers of Notes Plus understand this, and have just released INKredible, which focuses solely on handwritten notes. The entire app is designed around hand writing to make writing on your iPad as close to pen and paper as possible. The main interface is clutter free, so it’s almost like a single sheet of paper, just with a menu bar that you can slide in.
There are two main modes in INKredible to write with either a finger, or a stylus. The stylus mode offers intelligent wrist guard to rest your hand on the screen. The highlight of the app is the ink engine with vector graphics, and a fine tuned Bezier curves engine to offer beautiful looking hand writing. One really neat feature is the select tool, which lets you circle over any text to then delete, or move it. There’s also a close up writing utility, as well as intuitive navigation tools when in touch mode including the ability drag to the bottom of the page to create a new page. There are occasional hiccups in the automatic palm rejection, and it’s a bit of a hassle to switch to touch mode to navigate pages.

INKredible (Free, iPad) is a smooth way to write on your iPad, which offers a specific hand writing focus, and does it very well. INKredible comes with the fountain pen for free, and you can get calligraphy, wet brush, and ballpoint pen for $0.99 each.

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