App Of The Day: Jell-O Jiggle-It – An Amazing Music Visualizer

There is so much potential with iOS devices, and many developers have taken advantage of the music capabilities to create very interesting apps. Jell-O Jiggle It sounds like an app that’s just an advertisement for Jell-O, but as soon as you start using the app, you will be absolutely blown away. The app is from the same developers as the amazing app Falling Stars for Trident Vitality Gum. In Jell-O Jiggle It, you’re given a cube of Jello that dances to your music.

You simply pick your Jell-O color, then launch music stored on your device, and the Jello starts dancing to the beat. The app shares a basic connection to the iDog, but is so much more intelligent with a BPM, beats per minute, technology to determine the energy of a track. The Jell-O cube responds as authentically as you can imagine, so it seems that it’s dancing to the different beat of each particular song. You can instantly tell the difference in the Jell-O moves when you play multiple songs, and the app also works via the microphone listening to speakers. If that wasn’t enough, the app supports a few gestures for special dance moves, and there are over 30 dance moves in total in passive or active mode.

Jell-O Jiggle It is amazingly free, as it’s a great music visualizer that has such a powerful engine to have the 3D jiggling dance moves. Jello-O Jiggle It is one of the neatest apps in the App Store that you will love coming back to when playing your tunes.

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