App Of The Day: Makanim – Particle Effects Dance On Screen

Makanim - Multi-touch Generative ArtThere are so many apps that can let you create rather than simply consume content, and Makanim is one of those apps. It’s a particle effects generator that can be manipulate with various fingers placed on screen. The more fingers you place, the more particles are generated and effected. The highlight of Makanim is that there are 48 presets with different animations, shapes, and colors to play around with.

You can edit any of the presets by choosing between 33 color arrangements, 25 shapes, and 10 animations. You can do anything with the particle effects whether you’re tying them to music, creating a pattern, or simply playing around. There are thousands of potential combinations, and all of them are impacted differently by your interaction. It’s an app that truly takes advantage of the touch screen, and it looks great on the retina displays of the iPhone and new iPad. The app also works with AirPlay Mirroring for the particles to dance around on the big screen.

Makanim (Free, Universal) is one of the neatest creative tools in the App Store that you can spend a lot of time with mesmerized by the animations, shapes, and colors.

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  1. Aurélie May 4, 2012 at 1:09 PM -

    Thanks for you review Mr. Sheridan!
    Please note that Makanim was free exceptionally for this week – until tonight – but there is a free version to discover it: Makanim Lite
    The Appakabar team