App Of The Day: Mapkin – Directions With A Personal Touch

Mapkin – GPS with Smart DirectionsFreeThere are numerous ways to get directions on your iOS device, but it’s still nice to see new approaches. Mapkin takes cues from a number of other apps, but distinguishes itself with crowd sourced directions. Instead of the robotic jargon of taking specific streets, turns, and off ramps, Mapkin dictates the directions with a personal touch. The app is designed to give you directions as though you’re asking a local. For example, the app might say “take a right at the light, just past the supermarket”.
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Mapkin has a ton of potential ways to tell you which way to go, and it’s all based on tips from real people. The app is new, so it’s going to take awhile to get detailed community tips for all locations, but it’s off to a good start. The voice guidance uses the iOS system Siri voice to dictate the directions given by the community, and fills in the gaps without tips with traditional guidance. You can also offer your own tips when you know specific routes near you that usually trip up traditional GPS systems. Mapkin also features real time traffic integration, and intelligent routing based on that traffic. The app offers an intriguing alternative to the big names, and the personal touch could definitely have appeal as the app grows to gain new community members.

Mapkin (Free, iPhone) offers an all new way to get directions that is well worth checking out.

Free, iPhone

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