App Of The Day: Oscars – A Second Screen For Sunday


Oscars®The 2013 Academy Awards will be airing this Sunday, February 24th, and like most special events these days, there’s an accompanying app. The Oscars app may be the most deluxe of any special event app as it offers live streams of 12 different camera angles on Oscar Sunday. The app is designed for a second screen experience as the additional camera feeds are meant to enhance the main broadcast on ABC. The 12 additional cameras include views of the red carpet, winners backstage, stars mingling, and much more.

There’s an all new version of the Oscars universal iOS app for 2013, and that includes a “Watch Mode” to have the camera angles chosen for you, or “Direct Mode” to choose your own camera angles. In addition to the live video, there’s a picks section allowing you to prognosticate the Oscar winners, and compete with friends. The best part of the picks this year is that trailers are attached to each listing allowing you to dive into each nominee. Everything you could want about the Oscars is included within the official app, and there’s so much content to dive through before the actual event including numerous photo and video collections as well as in-depth coverage of the nominees.

Oscars (Free, Universal) is one of the best apps tied to a special event, and we can’t wait to use and use it on Oscar Sunday.

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