App Of The Day: Playout – Making Video Collages With Ease

Playout - Video CollageFreeIt’s easy to capture video on an iPhone, and yet a lot of that video just sits collecting virtual dust in the camera roll. Playout is a video editing app that lets you put your recorded videos to good use in creative ways. The app makes it easy to create video collages with numerous remade layouts to arrange your videos. You can combine six videos together at once with the video collage combining videos in square, landscape, and portrait layouts.
playout_ - 1
The editing process is nice and easy as the app launches with a grid array of all of your videos. You select as many videos as you want, and the number of videos selected determines which layouts you have to choose from. Once you select a layout, you can then individually edit each video in the collage. You can trim the time, adjust the volume, and select the level of zoom to have the main parts of videos fit in the various window sizes of the collage. It’s great how quick the app shows your videos in various layouts, and once your happy with your creation, it’s easy to share to Instagram and save to camera roll to send to many other sharing services. Playout is a lot like Layout from Instagram, that we have mentioned in the past.

Playout (Free, iPhone) is a well made video editing utility for all new creative uses for your videos.

Free, iPhone

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