App Of The Day: Puzzle Man – Jigsaw Puzzles For iOS

How could you not like Jigsaw puzzles with all the various shapes combining to form one large image? It’s such a challenge starting with the border, and then finding what pieces connect where as you try to spot identifiers from the main image. The only problem with a physical jigsaw puzzle is that you can lose pieces, but an iOS version doesn’t have that problem. Puzzle Man is one of many jigsaw puzzle games in the App Store, and it’s free to download.

The app comes with 43 puzzles across five difficulties which vary the number of pieces from 24 to 384. You get 6 puzzles for free, and the other 37 only cost $0.99 which definitely sounds appealing. The app is well designed for the iPhone screen size to allow for easy dragging and dropping as well as piece rotation. I must admit, it’s quite tough to work on a jigsaw puzzle on a 3.5” screen, but it is doable and still fun. If you have an iPad, the same developer makes Puzz for iPad which lets you work on the 9.7” iPad screen.

No matter the version, it’s neat to see the puzzles take shape piece by piece, and the app auto-saves your progress. Puzzle Man is a neat distraction to have on your iOS device.

Puzzle Man (Free, iPhone)
Puzz for iPad ($0.99, iPad)

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