App Of The Day: REBUS Absurd Logic Game – What’s That Say?

REBUS - Absurd Logic GameFreeRebus puzzles, also known as pictogram puzzles, are an entertaining pastime. The main idea is that you’re given pictures that represent words or parts of words that you have to figure out. For example, there could be an “M” placed on top of day, which would spell out Monday. Rebus puzzles have been done many times before on various platforms including numerous incarnations in the App Store. REBUS – Absurd Logic Game is a brand new one, and it emphasizes great challenge presented with a minimalistic art style.
The app launches with 112 Rebus puzzles to figure out, and the title isn’t lying with the absurd logic required. This isn’t the type of puzzle game that eases you into the challenge, and instead throws you right into intense brain teasers. There are numerous puzzles that will completely stump you, or at least leave you scratching your head for quite awhile. The game is designed to be played in those few spare minutes in your day, but can be easily played for much longer sessions. Each completed puzzle delivers its own intrinsic reward, and there are so many to play through. The game also includes a hint system in case you’re really stumped, and the hints tie into the coins of the free to play mechanic. The better you are at the puzzles, the less you have to worry about coins, and you could play the whole game for free.

REBUS – Absurd Logic Game (Free, Universal) is an entertaining puzzle challenge that is worth adding to your collection.

Free, Universal

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