App Of The Day: Running Fred – Temple Run With Dangers & Gore

Running FredOne surprisingly good game that really snuck up on us was Falling Fred where you tilt your device to control Fred’s endless decent through all kinds of dangers. There are spikes, buzz saws, flames, and plenty of gore when Fred interacts with the dangers. Now, the developers have followed up with a sequel in Running Fred with the same idea, but now running instead of falling. Running Fred is a bit similar to Temple Run as it’s a 3D endless running style where you’re running into the screen. The major difference from Temple Run is that there are tons more dangers as spikes, buzz saws, flames, and gore return for more.

Running Fred also isn’t purely endless as there is an actual adventure with levels and concrete finish lines. Fred runs automatically with the Grim Reaper chasing, and you tilt to maneuver through obstacles, and tap to jump. The game feels more like an extremely challenging and dangerous platformer with the fast paced style of endless games. It makes for a very exhilarating and difficult experience that does borderline on frustrating. Still though, it feels great to complete each level, and there are plenty of upgrades available based on the coins you earn in game, or through optional in-app purchases.

Running Fred (Free, Universal) is a great diversion that never has a dull moment, and will provide plenty of challenge for free. It’s a great successor to Falling Fred, and a new alternative for Temple Run fans. Also, it’s completely free to enjoy, and the in-app purchases simply make the game easier, and are non-essential.

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