App Of The Day: Say The Same Thing – Aligning Wavelengths

Say the Same ThingIt takes quite a bit to create an original idea in the App Store, especially when it comes to word games. The band Ok Go, along with developers Space Inch, have done just that with Say The Same Thing. It’s a multiplayer word game that isn’t head to head, but rather a collaborative guessing game where players can win together. The goal is to guess the same word after beginning with two random words that each player supplies. In round one, you think of any word, and so does your friend, and then in round two you each try to come up with a word that connects the initial two random words. Each round builds upon this idea until both players guess the same word in the same round, generated from a connection between the words in the previous rounds.
There are so many possible examples, but say the first two words are journey and school, a next guess could be field trip. Every single game plays differently since you always try to supply new words off the top. You can complete some matches in two rounds, or 22 rounds, but each guess gets you one step closer to aligning your thoughts. The game offers the usual turn based online multiplayer set-up with support for multiple matches, notifications, in-game chat, and connections to Game Center pals, Facebook friends, and random opponents. There’s also potential for a quick back and forth with both players online at the same time with the game updating live on screen. The best part of the game is seeing the chain of words develop over the rounds transitioning significantly from the two starter words.

Say The Same Thing (Free, iPhone) is a new twist for multiplayer word games that lets you connect with friends in a whole new way as you try to get on the same wave length. The game is free to play with ads, and each game costs two bananas, and you get 50 at launch with the ability to buy more. It would be nice to see player profiles that can be leveled up, unlock achievements, connect to leaderboards, or earn bananas, but none of these features are included.

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  1. christy May 11, 2013 at 4:05 PM -

    As someone who has downloaded and played this game — I wish articles like this would provide some insight from OK GO around the pricing & ad strategy for Say the Same Thing. As it stands now, players are not rewarded for gameplay and must continuously make in-app purchases to play. The bugs in the programming might be something users could overlook, however when you add having to pay to play every round, an abundance of ads to sit through, and no incentives or rewards for playing – there’s simply too many hurdles to look past. In reviewing the feedback and reviews in the App Store, you’ll find ratings are quickly falling for this new release. I would be interested to know what the strategy is here as the current set-up and objectives come across as short sighted — vastly limiting the potential of the game. And perhaps most importantly, frustrating and losing their intended audience before hitting critical mass. We know players are more savvy today and are turned off when they believe developers are being “greedy” – there’s a difference between reasonable charges/purchases and being taken advantage of.

    • Trevor Sheridan May 12, 2013 at 10:19 AM -

      Agreed, and we talked about this on our podcast. Hope you listened to it.