App Of The Day: Seven Fotopedia Apps Updated For Retina iPad

Fotopedia has a set of apps that are filled with brilliant collections of photography that have been absolutely gorgeous on the original iPad and iPad 2. Today, they have updated seven of their apps for the retina display on the new iPad. Heritage, Wild Friends, Paris, Japan, Dreams of Burma, North Korea, and Women of the World have all been updated with high resolution picture and graphics according to the App Store description. We were very excited to see the update in action, but we’re quite disappointed with the results.

Full size high resolution

The results varied depending on which app you used, but the overall theme was that there were a number of photos that weren’t high resolution. All of the menu and interface elements are high resolution, but only some of the pictures were updated. It really depends on which app you use, for instance Wild Friends is filled with high resolution photography, and it seems every photo has been updated. Heritage and Paris on the other hand, are filled with very pixelated photos, and the high resolution ones are few and far between. It’s sad to see Fotopedia claim they’ve updated to retina, and yet there’s not a consistent look to the photos across the seven apps that have been updated.

The non-updated photos look much worse than they did on the iPad 2 because of the pixelation on the retina display. The updated photos are absolutely gorgeous though, and the Wild Friends app is the best example as you can see the individual strands of hair in the fur, the single feathers on the birds, and the texture of the scales on the reptiles. All seven apps are free and universal though, and each one is worth enjoying, though Wild Friends is the best choice for new iPad owners.

Fotopedia Wild Friends (Free, Universal)

Fotopedia Japan (Free, Universal)

Fotopedia Women of the World (Free, Universal)

Fotopedia Heritage (Free, Universal)

Fotopedia Paris (Free, Universal)

Fotopedia Dreams of Burma (Free, Universal)

Fotopedia North Korea (Free, Universal)

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