App Of The Day: Star Wars Card Trader – The Force Is Strong With This One

Star Wars™: Card TraderFreeIt seems that card collecting is part of a bygone era when kids collected printed pieces of cardboard of their favorite sports players or entertainment franchise. Topps has been making cards for years, and has transitioned to the 21st century quite smoothly with the introduction of Bunt, Huddle, And Kick. Now Topps, in a partnership with Disney has released Star Wars Card Trader that builds upon the Star Wars cards of the past as well as Topps digital card trading prowess. Star Wars Card trader features over 1,000 Star Wars cards with characters from the existing six films, as well as a special set for the upcoming Episode VII: The Force Awakens.
Star Wars Card Trader lets you collect how you want whether you aim for particular characters like Yoda and Darth Vader, or are trying to complete the various included sets. The digital cards are fashioned after the classic Star Wars cards, and there are various colored borders that indicate the rarity. What really makes Star Wars Card Trader stand out is the inclusion of inserts and ultra-rare variations with daily specials to collect before they sell out. The app does a great job of inviting you back every day with always something new to aim for including daily yellow sets that are tied to particular scenes and give a reward. The inserts are all part of various collections whether it’s Vintage Grand Moof Tarkin, Han and Chwie connection, or Hoth specials with each one having their own rarities.

Anyone who has collected cards in the past will have both a nostalgic feeling as a new-age draw to complete collections. We do want to warn you that Star Wars Card Trader can be quite addicting to try to fill the various sets. One of the best parts is that you get daily credits in the app, which let you buy multiple packs. There’s a definite thrill in busting open a pack aiming for that limited time insert. There’s also a deluxe trading network allowing you to effortlessly connect with others in an attempt to exchange cards, so you can both build up particular sets. You can fully enjoy Star Wars Card Trader for free, and you will want to come back each day to further flesh out your collection and access new inserts. The cards might be digital, and each person makes their own value, but there’s definite appeal. Also, everything is accessible to appeal to Star Wars fans and card collectors alike.

Star Wars Card Trader (Free, Universal) is a highly engaging card collection creation that is well worth opening a pack of.

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