App Of The Day: Startales – A Tale Of Star Crossed Lovers

Startales is a story of star crossed lovers that are literally stars, but sadly can’t see each other because of their differences in brightness. Your character is so dull that the one he loves can’t see him at all, so now he needs to collect star power to glow, and connect with his true love. In Startales you control one star, and swing from cloud to cloud collecting as many stars as you can while out running the shadow behind you. All you do is tap and hold to grab a cloud and swing, and each time you swing a chain of stars appears that you try to collect.

The stars you collect can be used for upgrades the next time you play, which allow you to collect multipliers, use comets, and even unlock your love so you can fly next to her and fill the love bar. You can play to earn stars, or pick up an in-app purchase to get enough stars to unlock each upgrade. The game comes with great graphics, theme, and soundtrack to further enhance the experience. The gameplay itself is a bit simplistic, and it’s just an endless game where you have to restart at the beginning each time.

Startales is free to download, and is universal for all iOS devices so give it a try for the great design, story, and style.

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