App Of The Day: Swordigo Is Some How Free!

swordigoSwordigo is arguably the best game of 2012 through the first five months as it provides classic action RPG gameplay that fits today’s touch standards. The game is packed with action as enemies, boss battles, hidden areas, and more continuously come at you. It perfectly fits iOS, and is beautifully designed with amazing 2.5D graphics of 3D in the foreground and 2D in the background. There’s really nothing not to like as you advance through multiple worlds in a single game that makes the iOS platform better as a whole.

Some how, Swordigo has dropped to the insane price of free, and it’s so good that you should stop what you’re doing this instant to download it. We would have normally put an app dropping from paid to free in our Apps For Free Daily, but Swordigo deserved special recognition. It’s such a deluxe experience that provides hours of content that you will be thoroughly engaged by throughout. TouchFoo already made the great Soosiz, and Swordigo is even finer, and it’s great to see iCloud syncing, Game Center, and retina graphics for the new iPad.

Swordigo ($1.99, Universal) is a top tier iOS experience that can’t be missed at any price, and you can actually get it for free. Once you play the game you will see how it’s worth at least double digits of money in terms of value and enjoyment. Download Swordigo now!

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