App Of The Day: Temple Run Comics – A Dash Of Backstory

Temple Run ComicsMillions upon millions have played Temple Run, and it’s success has brought about a new comic series spin-off. Ape Entertainment has followed up their Pocket God and Cut the Rope comic book series with a new one about the back story of Temple Run. In the game you’re simply pitted as an explorer running for his life from demon monkeys after snatching a golden idol. The comic books delve into the story of Guy Dangerous, and how he comes into possession of the idol he’s running with.

Like Pocket God and Cut the Rope comics, Ape has done a great job of fleshing out a simple iOS game into quite a deluxe storyline. The artwork is fantastic as well that truly brings the Temple Run world to life, and connects with the style that makes comic books great. Temple Run is a brilliant idea that opens itself up to so many questions since it’s simply the action sequence of an adventure story. The comics set out to develop the adventure beyond the chase scene, and there’s so much potential we can’t wait to read about.

Temple Run Comics ($0.99, Universal) comes with the first two issues, and each subsequent issue will be available monthly as a $0.99 in-app purchase. The first two issues provide a great action packed comic, and now the journey is ready to unfold.

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