App Of The Day: VFX Studio – Adding Special Effects To Pictures

VFX StudioYour iOS device is quite a deluxe photo and video camera that also allows for plenty of post production with an assortment of apps. VFX Studio is a new one that sounds like it provides video effects, but instead provides effects for still photos. Once I got beyond the initial disappointment on the v not standing for video, I was pleasantly surprised by what the app does offer. You simply snap or import a photo, and then you can start adding in effects from a catalog of over 200.

The effects are in various categories, and allow you to add a T-rex, explosion, fire line, lava, lightning, tornado, lightsaber, and more to your photos. You can combine any and all effects, and there are multiple versions to pick from to give you various explosions, lightning strikes, and fires. Once you add in the effects, you can adjust the size and tilt to fit your image, and you can also flip or flop as well as adjust the contrast, opacity, brightness, and saturation among other things.

The best aspect of VFX Studio (Free, Universal) is the relative realism of each and every effect. The interface is a bit tedious when resizing, but other than that, this is a top notch app that is somehow free with no IAP. You should definitely give VFX Studio a try on any iOS device you have, because the results are exceptional and fun.

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