App Of The Day: White Christmas – Add Snow To Your World

White ChristmasFor those of your dreaming of a White Christmas, but don’t live in an area where it ever snows, there’s an app for that. White Christmas is a photo effects app that overlays falling snow on top of your surroundings. Even if it’s a clear blue sky with plenty of sun, you can see snow raining down across what ever you point your camera at. The app is perfect for Christmas, and even lets you add extra elements to frame your picture including snowmen, christmas trees, and santa.

The app also includes three different types of falling snow from cartoon snow flakes to real snow. You can use the front or back camera, and then share your snow filled pictures via the usual social media options. The app has a very specific goal, but fits the holiday and winter solstice as well as any app in the App Store. One problem is that the app only works in portrait mode. White Christmas is free to download and enjoy, so start adding snow to your world today.

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