App Of The Day: Winter Land – A Christmas Board Game

Winter LandChristmas is almost upon us, and there are a number of great apps for the holiday season. Winter Land is one such app that takes a classic board game, and reimagines it for Christmas. The game is like Candy Land, but with a Winter theme instead of the candy theme. Some toys have fallen off of Santa’s sleigh, and now they need to cross through the winter wonderland to make it back to Santa. You can play with two, three, or four players on one iPad, and each one picks a toy that actually walks across the board.

The Candy Land aspect is that the board is color coded, and you draw a card for each turn which tells you which color to move to. There are also special sections of the board with candy canes, snowmen, elves, and christmas trees, and you can draw special cards to jump ahead to those special sections. The game board also has chutes and ladders to deal with, and those special sections can also send you backwards so game’s can switch in an instant.

Winter Land (Free, iPad) is a neat little board game that is just as enjoyable as Candy Land, but made for the holiday season, and the iPad.

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